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Press Release


NWDS Receives Two Awards in 6th Asian Excellence Recognition Award for Its Outstanding Investor Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

来源:森林舞会电玩城下载 20 June 2016
NWDS garnered the “Best Investor Relations Company (Hong Kong)” and “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” in the 6th Asian Excellence Recognition Award organized by Corporate Governance Asia.

(20 June 2016 – Hong Kong) New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China was elected as the “Best Investor Relations Company (Hong Kong)” for the third year in a row in the 6th Asian Excellence Recognition Award. For the first time, NWDS was also awarded with the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” award. This stands as testament of NWDS’ commitment to high standards of corporate governance and investor relations practices as well as its efforts in listening to the opinions of stakeholders whilst driving sustainable corporate and social development.

NWDS firmly believes that good investor relationships are built on the foundations of mutual communication and thus actively keeps investors posted with the Company’s latest business performance and operations strategies through results briefings, roadshows, regular meetings and teleconferences to continuously enhance its transparency. In the process, NWDS manages to collect first hand feedback from investors to understand their concerns which drives NWDS to constantly improve and optimize its related policies and procedures, striving to meet the expectations from all walks of society. In addition, the Company also invests sufficient resources in the construction and enhancement of its corporate website and social media platforms. This provides investors with flexibility to keep track of the Company’s news and updates effectively with an easy access to information including corporate announcements, press releases and annual reports.

The Company focuses on the forging of reasonable returns for investors whilst ensuring sustainable development in a bid to strike a balance among profits, society and the environment and actively responding to stakeholders’ opinions. Besides implementing energy saving and low carbon emission policies during its daily operations, NWDS also plays a part in passing on the spirit of corporate citizenship. NWDS supports and initiates multiple philanthropic events and encourages its employees and customers to participate in a joint effort to build a harmonious society. Since 2014, the Company has begun to publish standalone sustainability reports, making it one of the first department store chain operators in Mainland China to publish such reports. The reports depict the Company’s achievement in four aspects including community services, environmental protection, staff benefits and development, and operating practices, aiding stakeholders to better understand NWDS’ progress in sustainable development.

Asian Excellence Recognition Award is organized by authoritative journal Corporate Governance Asia and aims to recognize excellence in financial performance, investor relations and communications, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and environmental practices of companies around Asia. Winners are determined by a representational methodology, taking into consideration of their ranking among thousands of corporations in Asia Pacific based on their quantitative scores and the research results gathered from investor interviews conducted by the organizer.

Mr. Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS, said, “NWDS places high importance on the building of credible and reliable relationships with investors and all stakeholders whilst focusing on sustainable corporate and social development. The Company endeavors to balance opinions and vested interests from all parties. These awards not only demonstrate the winning team’s efforts, but also bear testimony to the Company’s effective corporate governance and sustainability principles. Looking forward, we shall continue to ensure timely mutual communication with our shareholders, investors and all walks of society in a transparent and open manner. We will also take reference to the business practices of the industry and other leading corporations to further optimize existing policies and measures as we strive to maintain the highest level of corporate governance and sustainable development so that NWDS can be at the forefront among various corporations in Asia.”?

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