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  • “Reaching Out to Nature” Boosts Customer Participation by 30% – NWDS Presents Certificate for the First Time to Express Gratitude

Press Release


“Reaching Out to Nature” Boosts Customer Participation by 30% – NWDS Presents Certificate for the First Time to Express Gratitude

来源:新葡萄京官网8455 15 May 2017
Stores led customers out to pick organic strawberries and cherries, and organized parent-child tree-planting activities. Stores held bicycle trips and family sports days to promote healthy interactions. Children painted the green world of their dreams at store. They exerted their creativity and promoted environmental awareness at the community level.

(15 May 2017 — Hong Kong) New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, organized the nationwide outdoor green activity “Reaching Out to Nature” for the third consecutive year to enhance customers’ green awareness. During 22 April to 1 May, NWDS stores echoed with the theme and organized a series of outings and in-store green activities. With close to 3,200 customers drawn to these activities, the participation rate recorded a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. Online promotional messages relating to the activities were also read, forwarded and liked by close to 38,000 netizens, successfully converging a massive green energy. As a token of appreciation to the active involvement of its customers, NWDS presented certificate of participation to all activity-goers for the first time, to commemorate the occasion and to endorse those who took part.

Outings organized by NWDS stores were unique in their own ways. They include leading customers to pay visits to Huanglongxi of Chengdu, Xianglu Mountain of Harbin, Xiaodian Village in Shuangmei of Anning, the East Lake Greenway of Wuhan, etc. Participants did not only have the opportunity to appreciate the scenic outdoor views, but also took part to pick organic strawberries and cherries to experience the freshness of nature. Some stores hosted parent-child tree-planting activities so that the young ones could do some digging and seeding with their own hands. There were also other activities, such as bicycle trips and family sports day, in which participants rolled hoops, threw arrows into a pot, played hula hoops and shuttlecocks, etc. that encouraged healthy and active interactions. Furthermore, some stores organized clean-up activities in the park to minimize pollution in nature.

On top of field trips and outings, many NWDS stores also organized in-store green activities to bring the vigor of nature to customers who stay in the city. Some of these include an in-store nature corner where customers could enjoy close encounter with hamsters and rabbits, recording the participation of about 1,000 customers. At the same time, small potted plants or environmentally friendly items were given away to those who spent a specified amount in the store, to embellish customers’ everyday living with a touch of green. Graffiti workshops were organized for children to depict their own green world to exert their creativity while promoting green awareness in the community. Some other stores transformed themselves into a verdant countryside, reminding visiting customers to stay close to nature.

All customers who took part in the above activities have received a specially designed certificate of participation from NWDS, which were produced for the very first time, to thank and recognize the active participation of customers. The Company also hoped that customers could share their experiences with friends and families, thereby drawing more people to lead a low-carbon life.

Ms. Violet Chan, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communication and Investor Relations and Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee of NWDS said, “As the general public attaches a stronger importance to healthy living, we hope to create an opportunity for them to get closer with nature more easily by organizing green outdoor activities so that they can have a mental getaway from day-to-day hectic life. The number of customers taking part in this year’s “Reaching Out to Nature” activity has increased by more than 30% year on year, symbolizing outings have become a popular pastime for weekends. In the long run, we strive to build NWDS into a platform that converges green energy; where customers can interact and exchange their insights with like-minded friends so as to practice green lifestyle together.”

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