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  • Ferrari & Maserati debuts at NWDS The First-ever National Automobile Tour Exhibition Held in Department Stores in China

Press Release


Ferrari & Maserati debuts at NWDS The First-ever National Automobile Tour Exhibition Held in Department Stores in China

来源:新葡萄京官网8455 30 October 2009
Ferrari & Maserati debuts at NWDS <br/>The First-ever National Automobile Tour Exhibition Held in Department Stores in China The first station of the Ferrari & Maserati tour exhibition at NWDS had been held successfully in Beijing Trendy Store (up) and Shanghai Huaihai Branch Store (down).

(29 October 2009 – Hong Kong) New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, is pleased to announce that it jointly organizes a national car exhibition with China’s distributor of the luxury Italian car brands, Ferrari and Maserati, which is both brand’s first-ever tour exhibition held in department stores in China as well as the first of its kind for NWDS in collaboration with private vehicle distributors.

Ferrari and Maserati, the two most prestigious Italian car brands, have been famous for their high performances and exceptionally imposing design. Both brands are the crème de la crème in the Italian motor car world. Same as these brands’ effort in searching for top quality in car production, NWDS also endeavors to reach excellence. To fully implement NWDS’s rebranding program, the Company is proactively looking for opportunities to co-organize diversified in-store events in order to create an ambience that can best demonstrate the goal of “Enriching Lives.Enhancing Character”, fostering the successful cooperation of NWDS and the China’s distributor of Ferrari and Maserati in organizing this national car event.

This car exhibition will be held in 9 NWDS stores across 7 major cities in China, in which Ferrari 430SC and Maserati GT are the main exhibits. The Ferrari 430SC is crafted by state-of-the-art technology and developed with the advice of the renowned Formula One pilot, Michael Schumacher, whilst the Maserati GT is best described as a masterpiece invented by star automobile designer, Sergio Pininfarina. From the design of Maserati GT, we can find a perfect incorporation of Maserati’s classic style and sportiness. The two luxury sportscar model already showed their appearance at Shanghai Huaihai Branch Store and Beijing Trendy Store during the exhibition held on 23- 25 October, 2009. Crowds of customers were attracted to visit the exhibition, which in turn created a boisterous scene around NWDS’ stores. Followed by this, the tour exhibition will move to Beijing Liying Store and Chongqing Store on 30 October and 31 October respectively, and the prestigious Ferrari and Maserati car will make their appearance in NWDS stores of different regions after that. (Please refer to the Schedule of Nationwide Car Exhibition below for details)

Schedule of Nationwide Car Exhibition


Dates of Exhibition

No. of Car
in the exhibition

Eastern China Region

Shanghai Huaihai Branch Store

23-25 October, 2009

1 Maserati

Northern China Region

? ? ?


Beijing Trendy Store

23-25 October, 2009

1 Ferrari + 1 Maserati

Beijing Liying Store

30 October – 1 November, 2009

1 Ferrari + 1 Maserati

Southwestern China Region

? ? ?


Chongqing Store

31 October – 6 November, 2009

1 Maserati

Chengdu Store

6 – 8 November, 2009

1 Ferrari

Northeastern China Region


Shenyang Zhonghua Road Branch Store

6 – 15 November, 2009

1 Ferrari

Harbin Store

13 – 22 November, 2009

1 Ferrari

Central China Region


Wuhan Qiaokou Branch Store

16 – 22 November, 2009

1 Ferrari + 1 Maserati

Wuhan Xudong Branch Store

23 – 29 November, 2009

1 Ferrari + 1 Maserati

Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of NWDS, the steersman in making this tour exhibition happens between NWDS and Ferrari & Maserati said, ‘Ferrari and Maserati are brands that symbolized speed, dynamic and elegance. Their continuous pursuits in technology breakthrough lead to cutting-edge car manufacturing that ultimately create the most personalized and unique models. This basically matches the core values of NWDS’s rebranding program. The Company is breaking the conventional operation of department store by introducing the concept of “Fashion Style” and “Living Style”, adding in new dynamic to the existing operation mode. Since the idea of “Enriching Lives.Enhancing Character” is what NWDS emphasizes during the rebranding process, this brand-new national car exhibition can best serve as a gimmick to attract more customers. It can also shape our department store to become a leisure hangout for families and stylish men and women, catering consumers’ increasing desire for a stylish living. In future, NWDS will continue to enhance its overall brand equity and provide trendy shopping environment with unique store character through rebranding and organizing novel activities, aiming to unveil a new look to our customers.’



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