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    NWDS is one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China with retail network covering 17 major cities in the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan and Chengdu.?

    NWDS believes “employees are the Company’s most important assets”. Therefore, the Company is committed to establishing a quality workplace with plenty development opportunities for employees to succeed. Not only does the Company provide conventional trainings on skills elevation, work ethics and corporate culture to ensure staff are well versed with the most advanced management skills and highly-efficient working habits, but also a wide spectrum of comprehensive trainings courses covering all positions to lay a sound personal development foundation for staff to further excel. If you are a passionate, motivated and enthusiastic team player, NWDS welcome you to join our family.


    Job Application Form

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    In completing this application, I certify that the particulars provided by me are true and correct. In the event that any information is found to be false in due course, I agree to your taking disciplinary action against me including immediate discharge from your employment. I hereby authorize New World Department Store China Limited (NWDS) to contact my previous employers, or any information source, and to obtain, disclose, and exchange any information with regard to myself. Further I declare and agree that any personal information collected or held by NWDS (whether contained in this application or otherwise obtained) is provided and may be held, used, and disclosed by NWDS to individuals/ organizations associated with NWDS or any selected third party (within or outside Hong Kong, including government bodies) for the purposes of processing this application and providing subsequent services/ functions for this and other employment relationships with NWDS. I understand that (i) NWDS may be unable to process this application if I fail to provide any information requested in this application and (ii) I have the right to obtain access to and to request correction of any personal information held by NWDS concerning me. Such request can be made to the Human Resources Department of NWDS.

    Human Resources
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    eNews Subscription

    As part of our efforts in promoting transparency, we disseminate important information about the Group in a timely manner through this website. This includes press releases, announcements and activities updates. If you would like to receive a news alert by email whenever such information is posted to this website, please complete the following form and press "submit".


    Privacy Policies of the Company
    NWDS may share your personal data with or transfer the same to any related parties (within Hong Kong or Mainland China), including but not limited to the stores operated/managed by NWDS, New World Development Company Limited, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited and their respective associated companies (collectively "New World Group") and the specified business associates of New World Group for necessary purposes, such as providing you with related information, etc.